This morning while changing the bedsheets it took me down through a memory lane.

I know what you are thinking about… but hold your horses. It is not a memory of having sex for the first time… relax.

It was about my childhood days when I left my room in…

From Bangalore trip with Researchers

I started my UX career with gaana.com. After working in the entertainment industry for almost 3 years, I got a chance to solve Real-Estate design problems. I was confused and unsure of joining Magicbricks back then because working in the entertainment industry is so much fun and Real-estate after Gaana…

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These days we can easily communicate with the people sitting on different islands. The Internet made this easy for us to be updated with global news and culture. Working remotely is a very common practice in the IT sector. There are multiple MNC’s and their offices are at different International…

What is Advertise with us?

Advertise with is a Platform for Owners who post (list) their property on Magicbricks for selling or renting purposes. This page provides Premium Services which will help owners to sell/rent their property fast and without any hassle.

So what’s the change? But before that let’s discuss why the change?



The Empathy Mapping tool will give you a deeper understanding of your customer’s experience. It is done to understand your user's touchpoints. To understand the mental and emotional state your user goes through while taking an action on your platform.

An empathy map is purely based on our observation.


It all started with a tear
which I couldn’t bear.

That smile I wait for, Everyday
was lost for a day.

It was family or a friend,
I really don’t know what was in trend.

It started raining suddenly,
Emotions were uncontrollable probably,

It was deep thought maybe,
I Couldn’t imagine being this close to be.

Call it a blessing or a miracle,
It always starts with a particle (tear).

Understanding the Problem

Sitting here in Delhi NCR, I am unable to figure out which the song is the trending in my home town. I have to change the preferred language from the language section to know top hits of my hometown or of any specific area.

User Research


Gaana is an online music streaming platform which provides music in 21 plus different languages and in more than 50 genres.

It has a database of more than 100 million MAU’s and It is been advertised as India’s favorite music app.

But If you want ad-free music you have to…

Heena Nagpal

Design at Great Learning | Ex Magicbricks | Ex Gaana

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